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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Something to we concern about.. PALESTINE!

I can stop my tears watching these babies

I think all of you guys, should know what happen in Gaza now! No, no..! You all MUST know about it! Honestly, with my deep heart core, I want to say something. Yeah, what is happening in Palestine today, is actually a test for us all. Not a test for them, the Palestinians. Why do I say this?

Yes, they are very strong. Spiritually and even emotionally, they are really strong because they are always seeking the strength from their beloved God, The Most Merciful ALLAH. So, how can I say this is a test for us all, the peoples those who claim peace is a way of their life, always sovereign human rights, and whatever.

Have we felt they were also people, who also want to live and life with happiness beside their beloved family as the other people, always seeking for freedom and peace! Is our responsibility to help them, isn't we?

Absolutely YES and we MUST help them!
Surely with no doubt! Now I've been given some strength to write on an issue that quite 'hot' now, buzzing through the cyberspace. It is about...


What happen in Gaza now?

What is Lifeline For Gaza?

Lifeline For Gaza is the continuity of Viva Palestina 3 on 9th December last year, 2009. Let's visit LIFELINE FOR GAZA OFFICIAL SITE (MALAYSIA) and VIVA PALESTINA OFFICIAL SITE.


So touched looking at this cartoon (see : the two men hug each other)

Ask yourself! "What I've done to free Al-Quds and Palestine? How can I help them?" Did you want to be with the Palestinians, facing the Jews (La'natullah)? Honestly, I want so. But am I fully prepared? Oooo God, give me some strength to fight with them, HERE..!

But, all praise to The Most Merciful ALLAH, He give us (Malaysians) another opportunity. This' a golden opportunity. So, what do you think guys? Want to join with us? Or just prepared your eyes, just watching, watching and wait the others take your place in this opportunity?

Upcoming event at your local. Show your solidarity, you're disagree and not pleased with the cruelty in Palestine, in Gaza!


Charity's Dinner of Life Line For Gaza
30 April 2010
Primula Beach Hotel

More information, click here

Interested? Contact them through hotline :-)
016-9803001 or 09-688088 or 019-9510101


Palestine Prime Gathering
8 Mei 2010
Stadium Melawati Shah Alam

More information, click here

* Important : No payment on the tickets. All is free for all ^_^

Interested? Let's us cheerish, tone up and rocked Melawati's Stadium. Don't come alone. Bring along your family, your friends, and the most important is bring your HEART along!



Aisyah is in love for Palestine

May ALLAH love the peoples that care of globalization issues of Palestine
May ALLAH love Aisyah

May ALLAH love all of you

P/S - My condition getting worse. Please do pray for me.

Aisyah Ulya
Ketinggian Sahsiah Matlamat Utamanya
Tuesday 27 April 20101:51 pm

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