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Saturday, June 18, 2011

2nd Tag : Some questions

Besmellahi ar-rahmani ar-raheem...

Thanks to Sis Afeefa for tagging me.

3 names in your message inbox
- SMIK Nazurah
- Syahirah
- G4 Siti

Your main ringtone
- Aisha by Outlandish

What you did at 12 last night?
- I was blogging at 
Aisyah Ulya
- I was watching Valley Of Wolves Palestine 2011 at Youtube

Who was the last person you went with? where?
- Yaya, Sarah, Dina [my roomate]
- We went to CFS IIUM field - take our time to release the tiredness after studying all the morning

The colour of t-shirt you are wearing now
- Pink

The last thing you did
- I have done my revision study on Mathematics and Physics. 

3 of your everyday favourite items
- Laptop
- Hanphone
- The cute things ^^

The colour of your bedroom
- Duo colors, light pink and light green

How much money in your wallet now?
- RM 42

How's life?
- My life is journey to Jannah insyaALLAH

Your favourite song
- Albi Nada' by Fares

- 99 Asma Allah by Sami Yusuf

What will you do next weekend?
- Insyallah I will join Haflatul Qudum handled by my beloved sis, Shafiyya Solehah Zahari 

When was the last time you see your mom?
- Last three weeks

Where is she now?
- At home maybe

When was the last time you talk to your parents?
- Yesterday, she is asking me about the life in IIUM

Who is the last person talked to you last night?
- Yaya, Sarah, Medina [my roomate - again - we're close each other]

The last suprise you got
- A special gift from my lil sis, Nabila and the love letter from her. My tears dropped down while reading her writing.. I love you my lil sis..

Last thing you borrowed from your friend
- Liquid paper

Who is your bf/ gf/ husband/ wife? 
- My sisters in Islam, my family [relationship between different gender is prohibited before marriage]

What do you feel right now? 
- I miss my parents, my siblings, and my friends
- Quite scary for my incoming study [ALLAH, is it right for me taking the Physical Science course?]

Wanna share with who? 
- I don't know...

Who know your secret? 
- My Lord Allah 
- My close friends

They keep your secret? 
- Insyallah they do.

Are you angry with someone? 
- I quite hard to be angry with anybody without a rasional reason.

What do you order at McD?
BOYCOTT McD! Please. For the sake of Islam and Palestine.

The last time you feel so sad?
- While reading my lil sis' letter Nabila [miss her so much] and while missing my cousin, Fahmi [May ALLAH give him the strength to face the difficulties]

I wanna tag?
No one.. Insyaallah

May ALLAH loves me a lot

Aisyah Ulya
Ketinggian Sahsiah Matlamat Utamanya
Saturday 18 June 2011 5:23 pm
My sweet room


z a z a said...

insyaalah, aisyah kene kuat!

Aisyah Ulya said...

To zaza

InsyaALLAH Zatul, doakanlah saya ^^